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November 28, 2009

Need Help? Want To Comment? Suggestions?

Welcome to our blog for Your Twitter Ad members and more 🙂

Instead of administering a forum that takes hours away from time that could be better spent marketing our new site Y-T-A I decided just to have an open blog for all to see.

How does this benefit members?

In a nutshell – the more open advertising we can find for Y-T-A …the more potential to get sign ups for many without them even lifting a finger.

That is because with this Y-T-A script – when traffic is driven just to the main link ( OR ) and someone signs up, one lucky person gets a free referral!

Yes … this is just one of the ways we are working round the clock to help everyone have a fair chance.

The other thing is we are now seeing more and more sign-ups like this just from twitter, and why?

Just take a look here: & as you can see my profile has just over 5090 followers as of this posting – and if you also notice my BIO reads like this:> Name = Glen Persson – Location Canada – Web – We Just Opened An Exchange For Twitter Folks! <

…Know this – My goal is to help each and everyone of you gain more sign-ups as we go along.

I am also working on other ways to get more traffic – and we should see the rankings go through the roof with-in about two weeks.

So – please help each other as we build this together – I am here for us all – let's be there for each other right?

Support Y-T-A and the costs involved by advertising as much as you can and where you can and of course without spamming please.

Also your purchases of credits – solo ads and more helps keep my programmers and designers paid 🙂

Which brings me to a final thought to plunder – we are not done yet … so look forwards to more things over the years!

Any questions? Problems? Comments? Post them here please… I'd like the world to see we have nothing to hide and everything to gain.

To Your Wealth & Health!
Kind regards,
Glen Persson

PS! Have you watched the video yet?


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